Rock wool for industrial equipment energy saving and emission reduction

 Rock wool for industrial equipment energy saving and emission reduction

 As is known to all, as the energy situation and environmental pollution situation increasingly severe, energy conservation and emissions reduction is increasingly become the important problems facing the current industrial development, the State Council Information Office on February 28,2022 at 10 am held a press conference said: industrial energy consumption accounts for about 65% of the overall consumption, is one of the main areas of energy conservation and carbon reduction. Because of this, we should pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection in the industrial field

 Many factories in the production will use heat energy to production, and, including industrial boiler, pipes, all kinds of industrial equipment in heat transfer poor thermal insulation performance, high heat loss, thus makes the industrial equipment in use utilization rate is not high, so in industrial equipment insulation is particularly important, this time we common rock wool felt, rock wool plate, rock wool shell, stand out in many insulation materials.

 As a provider of high-end insulation materials in China, Nanjing Zhongrunda is trying to solve these specific problems in production practice for customers and help customers solve their worries at home. In this way, the rock wool products of Nanjing Zhongrunda have won unanimous praise in the client.


 The use of rock wool industrial insulation products to install industrial equipment reasonably, can effectively reduce the heat transfer of industrial equipment to the outside, reduce the energy loss in the production process of industrial equipment, this step is very important for the use of rock wool roll felt. So that the energy supply to industrial equipment can be further effectively used in the operation of equipment, indirectly reduce carbon emissions.


 At the same time, the inorganic material properties, porous fiber structure and very low thermal conductivity, can achieve long-term thermal insulation. This is the physical performance of rock wool products. The energy saved in use is more than 100 times the energy consumed in its production, transportation and recycling links, which is an environmentally friendly product in the whole life cycle.

 Rock wool industrial insulation products have been serving in the market for more than 30 years, and have provided high quality rock wool products for chemical and power plant projects including BASF, Wacker Chemical, Secco, GE, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Iraq Karbala Oil Integration, Formosa Plastics, Egypt AIN SUKHNA thermal power plant, CNPC Venezuela project and so on.

In addition to heat preservation and energy saving, what are the main advantages of rock wool in the field of industrial equipment?


1. Anti-corrosion


Chloride ion to austenite stainless steel metal structure of industrial equipment is corrosive, cherry blossom ® rock wool industrial products can produce low chlorine low fluorine products, reduce chloride fluoride corrosion on stainless steel metal pipe and equipment, can effectively prevent industrial equipment (e. g. pipe) corrosion leakage safety accidents, and cherry blossom ® full series of industrial rock wool has excellent water performance can effectively reduce the long-term corrosion of water vapor to metal structure.


2. Fire prevention


 Industrial equipment is in the state of high temperature all the year round, a negligence is very easy to cause fire hazards, resulting in irreparable consequences. Rock wool is A class fire non-combustible material, with A melting point of more than 1100 degrees, in the fire does not produce any drip, does not produce any harmful smoke, in the protection of industrial equipment, but also for the disaster trapped people to escape for precious time.


Energy conservation and emission reduction is the social mission under the current environment. As the leader of China's environmental protection heat insulation material industry, rock wool will take the social mission as the enterprise mission, help reduce industrial energy consumption and carbon emissions, and contribute its own strength to the development of China's green industry!