Self-adhesive Rubber Foam Tape

 Self-adhesive Rubber Foam Tape

ZRD Rubber Foam tape non-drying special adhesive tape is mainly used for joints or heat insulation for irregular parts to make the appearance beautiful for overall insulation part.

Product Details

EPDM rubber has complete saturation and high flexibility. It is a general-purpose synthetic rubber with excellent chemical stability and aging resistance, impact elasticity and low temperature performance. The sealing material made of foamed EPDM tape, Thermal insulation materials and shock absorption materials are widely used in various fields such as automobiles and construction projects.

EPDM sponge rubber tape has good initial adhesion and good moisture resistance, acid resistance, oil resistance and grease resistance. Suitable for shockproof and insulating gaskets of sealed partitions.

EPDM sponge rubber tape has good shearing and coupling properties, and is suitable for construction, automobiles, air conditioning, audio, electrical and electronics. Glass, furniture, advertising and other industries have strong peelability and adhesion. Can be customized according to customer needs.



1. Strong adhesion, with excellent shock absorption, crack resistance, sound absorption and heat insulation properties;

2. Good separation and buffering, no water absorption, good shock resistance

3. Excellent fire resistance, heat insulation, flame retardant effect, good mechanical strength and electrical insulation;

4. High tensile strength, good elongation, and good adaptability to expansion or cracking of the base layer.

5. Good decontamination and easy to clean. Special UV treatment, corrosion resistance



It is used for flexible connection in construction, home improvement, decoration and other fields, and it is also the best choice for window glass assembl